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Very Sad News

We are extremely sad to tell you that Orietta, one of our closest friends and colleagues, passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on Boxing Day.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her children Andrea and Olivia, her partner Mike, and with the rest of her family and friends.

Orietta has been a close member of our team for the last 3 years. She brought great zest for life, passion, energy, and immense experience to everything she did. She was inspiring us in new and different ways.

Prior to joining us Orietta had a long and successful career in industry and consulting. Throughout this she built a really strong track record, helping and inspiring others through her supportive leadership & coaching. Everyone who worked with her remembers her very fondly. We felt extremely fortunate when she decided she would like to work with us.

Orietta had a diverse range of interests and talents. She enjoyed skiing, sailing, and diving. She loved good food and wine. She was very creative – a keen woodcarver, and also a poet and a writer with a love for the power of words. A few years ago she published some of her work which beautifully reflects her joy for life and the world around her, her love for family and friends, but, true to her, doesn’t shy away from the pain in some of her memories. One of her short poems is below, and you can read more of her work here ….I’m sure she would like it if you did.

Have you heard the song of a brook in early spring
The whisper of a flowering meadow in the heat of summer
The sigh of a falling leaf as it meets its bed of pine needles
The perfect silence of a snowflake floating down from a moonlit sky

Nature’s symphony
It silences the cacophony of my mind
And makes my heart sing

We will miss her enormously – for her encouragement & support, for her sense of fun and delightful laugh, for the contributions she made to help us all as a team & individually, and for the massively positive impact she had in the short time we have been privileged to know her.

With love and best wishes from us all at Process Insight.
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