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How we can support you through the crisis

Just like everyone else, at PICL we are having to adapt to these strange new circumstances! There is no doubt that things are going to be very different over the coming months and perhaps beyond. There will be significant change and that’s what Process Insight are good at. So, we thought we would let you know how we will navigate and work with you through these turbulent times.
We already provide much of our coaching and mentoring remotely by webex and zoom conferencing. We find this works very well and for the next few months we will be switching more of our clients over to this approach. We will organise this with you on a case by case basis.
Regarding our training, we are now working to develop webex based modules for our Green Belt, Black Belt and JMP training. These will be fully aligned with BQF certification requirements and will be supported by additional one to one webex coaching to supplement and support the learning and effective project delivery – we believe we can make this just as effective, interactive and enjoyable as our classroom training. We will be announcing more details about this in the next few weeks.
We are of course always here to help you in a consulting and leadership coaching capacity. We may not be able to visit you on site but there is much we can do together remotely.

  • Perhaps you have some data you are trying to make sense of and would like a sounding board or an external perspective.
  • Maybe, for the first time, you will have to facilitate group discussions and manage project teams remotely and would like guidance on methods and tools that can help you.
  • Also, with more of us working from home over the next few months this could be the ideal opportunity for spending time away from the daily hustle and bustle and thinking about your business and operational challenges and how you might improve as well as developing new skills.

If you want to chat about anything at all please get in touch with one of us.
Above all we send each of you our best wishes and encourage you to take care, stay safe, and help others around you who may be in less fortunate circumstances.

Contact Andrew Ruddick (+44) 7785927144 or Andy Liddle (+44) 7860 622166‬
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