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Autumn 2019 newsletter

Come Along And Enjoy Our Networking Events

At Process Insight we love providing a forum for our clients and friends to share their best practice and learn from each other. To help this we run regular networking events. Our most recent one was held at Judges (on Teesside) in the August sunshine.

The theme was “Visual Management in Maintenance”, and included presentations from Ardagh GlassBP, and Rosen. We got a record attendance!

If you are interested in participating in future networking opportunities let me know and I’ll make sure you are on the circulation. The next event will be a site visit on Wednesday 11th December to Ardagh Glass in Knottingley – An opportunity to see some great examples of 5S, Lean and Six sigma application in glass bottle manufacturing – a fascinating world!

Delivering People Centric Project Management

What do Green Belt / Black Belt projects, New Product Introduction projects, Global Transformation projects and CAPEX projects have in common?
You got it…. The word projects! There are a plethora of Project Management approaches out there, all similar in content although rebranded to resonate with a particular audience.
With them you will learn how to run projects from a technical viewpoint – GANTT charts, resource management, Work Breakdown Structure, paperwork etc. But what about the most important ingredient in a successful project? I am not talking about the product – be it a new process, new equipment or new commercialised product. I am talking of the people, the individuals whom you need for the project to be a success, not just in terms designing and delivering the outcome, but more importantly to ensure the outcome fulfils the strategic need it was borne out of, the project progresses smoothly and timely, and its results are leveraged to the full so an organisation enjoys the Rate of Return on Investment it was promised at the onset.
We are currently putting the finishing touches to a ‘People Centric Project Management’ offering. If any of you are interested in having a Voice of the Customer conversation please get in touch with

Our Open Training Continues to go from Strength to Strength

We have just kicked off our Autumn Open Training programme. 10 delegates attended or very popular 5-day Green Belt course (which as you can see from the photo included a very enjoyable course dinner at a local gastro-pub!).

These delegates are now enthusiastically delivering their GB projects supported by ongoing coaching and mentoring to help them achieve their BQF certification.

Further Open Training this year includes modules on Data Analytics & Problem Solving (using JMP®) , DOE, Change Leadership, Design For Lean Six Sigma, and OpEx Deployment. 

If you would like to know more about our Open Training and our GB, BB, and MBB programmes then please get in touch.

In Memory of Professor Hans Rosling – Story Telling With Data

Professor Hans Rosling sadly died recently, and will be much missed. If you haven’t come across him, he was a fantastic communicator who had a unique knack of telling stories with data. You can find out more about how Professor Rosling debunks myths by dramatic data visualisation and presentation using these links to a couple of examples:

Will saving poor children lead to overpopulation?
The best stats you've ever seen

We can’t guarantee to turn you into the next Hans Rosling, but we can certainly help you to tell better stories and get more engagement with your data – get in touch to find out more.

Delivering More Value From Your OpEx Activities

At Process Insight we have a mission to help OpEx leaders have more impact and deliver more value from their programmes and activities. We like to do this in a simple and pragmatic way. This includes developing simple tools people can use to evaluate the strengths and relative weaknesses of their current situation (i.e. to help them apply continuous improvement to the programme itself!) If you are leading an OpEx or CI programme or you are involved in any way as a “belt” or a change agent then you might want to have a go with this simple diagnostic to help you “shine a light” on your activitiesl
We would love to hear about what you find !

Congratulations To All Our Recently Accredited 'Belts'

At Process Insight we help organisations solve their business problems in a way that supports the personal development of the people involved. Consequently we are particularly delighted to offer our congratulations to those we have recently coached & certified. Certification represents a very important milestone and is a great demonstration of sustained leadership & business impact. If you would like to find out more about becoming accredited then give us a call on 07785 927144.

Black Belt certification

Monica Jimenez     Standard Life

Green Belt certification

Charles Heise    Fuji Diosynth
Silvia Ghini    Beltrame
Giulia Tonellotto    Beltrame
Phil Cook    Victrex
Weili Qui    Victrex
Tom Brewster    Victrex
Jill White    Victrex
Kevin Delany    Victrex

Should you have any questions or require more information about any of the content in this newsletter please do get in touch with either myself or Andy and we can discuss the simple next steps. Alternatively give us a call on + 44 (0) 7785 927144.
If you haven’t done so already why not sign up to our Linkedin Group, Process Improvement Club.
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