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Andrew O’Brian, Associate

Andy is an experienced operations improvement and transformation Consultant with more than 20 years experience. His expertise includes CI deployments, customer journey improvement, Lean, Six Sigma and statistical data analytics but defines himself not by his methodology knowledge but by his hands on, grounded style and ability to get things done. His sector experience includes engineering, financial services, retail, public sector, energy retail and industrial/manufacturing.

Key skills and expertise
Andy is experienced across a range of sectors and has worked with a number of blue chip multinational clients either leading transformation programmes, or delivering high impact projects. His skills and experience includes:
  • Designing and leading large scale continuous improvement programmes based on customer journey improvement, Lean and Six Sigma
  • Development of Operational Strategy and Target Operating Models
  • Application of Lean and Six Sigma statistics (inc. minitab software) to fix complex process problems
  • Conducting cost to serve, or activity based diagnostics, to identify cost of complexity
  • Delivering Operational Excellence Training