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Data Analytics Deliver Major Business Improvements

A customer story

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Over the last few years we have been working closely with one of our key clients, Johnson Matthey Edinburgh (Macfarlan Smith) supporting implementation of their OpEx programme. Data Analytics and JMP has been a big part of this, helping them get real value and new insights from their process data.

Process engineers and scientists on site now routinely use data analytics and statistics to optimise their processes and increase yield. JMP helps them identify and resolve potential potential problems before product quality is compromised. The “visual” aspects of JMP allow easy communication and participation in the analysis and ensures everyone in the organisation is engaged and involved in problem solving.

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As we’ve grown, we’ve got people who are more comfortable with JMP, and because of that, we’re finding more complex problems and building more and more advanced analyses (to tackle those problems). JMP changes the way you collect data, clean data, how you organize the basic analyses and how you put it into a format that tells a story.

David Payne, JM Edinburgh Site Director

Do you want to get more value from your business data?

Do you want to bring your data analysis to a whole new level?

    • Solve difficult real word problems
    • Bring data alive
    • Dramatically communicate findings
    • Make better decisions faster
    • Double productivity
    • Accelerate Improvement

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