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Autumn 2017 newsletter

Happy Halloween…

I hope you enjoy reading about what we and our clients have been up to over the last few months. Also at this time of year many of us start preparing our goals and plans for 2018. There are a few topics in the newsletter that may help.

Have you seen our new website?

Check out our new website! We decided it was time – after 8 years – to refresh our website design, to give it a new look and feel and to better represent our style and approach. Also to make it easier for people to access the information they are looking for. We are very excited about the result and hope you like it to. We would welcome your feedback.

RPA - Death-knell or Opportunity for Lean?

We were delighted to run one of our regular client networking events in October. Hosted by RBS in Edinburgh the topic was very topical – “RPA – Death-knell or Opportunity for Lean”. Stimulated by some great input from delegates around the table, and with participants from companies including RBS, Standard Life, Lloyds, Coca Cola, Royal London, FujiFilm, we had some very thought-provoking discussions. The output from the event is available to anyone who is interested so please contact me if you would like a copy.

By the way – for those that want the executive summary the conclusion was overwhelmingly “opportunity” but with some key risks to be managed.

"A fantastic RPA event this afternoon, hosted by Process Insight. Thanks Andy Liddle, Andrew Ruddick and everyone who presented. See you at the next one! "
Meran Crawford, CI Lead Royal London

If you would like to attend future PICL networking events the next one will be in the Spring of 2018 and further details will be provided in an upcoming e-mail.

OPEX Planning for the next year

At this time of year our thoughts are turning towards planning and budgeting for 2018. Also for thinking about the focus and direction of our improvement programmes over the next 12 months. We have a couple of tools that can help and which are free for you to download:
  • Our OpEx Assessment helps you quickly review your performance against a number of OpEx foundations and areas of best practice. A sequence of checklist questions enables you to rapidly evaluate how you are doing and identify any gaps that might need addressing in 2018. This assessment addresses the “what”.
  • Our Deployment Benchmarking tool is based on 8 critical success factors for delivering value from your programmes. Whether you have a mature programme, or are just taking your first steps it is always valuable to know how you stack up versus best practice – and it may well steer you to better focus your improvement activities. This assessment addresses the “how”.
“The Process Insight Opex Assessment & “size of the prize” analysis has been enormously helpful in shaping the next phase of our Continuous Improvement Programme, and driving us towards high impact projects”
Liam Mills, Head of Continuous Improvement, Johnson Matthey

If you are interested in either tool please contact me.
Also you might be thinking about MBB certification as one of your personal goals for 2018 – if so we can help you do a quick gap analysis and identify a clear action plan to achieve this goal

Team news

Michaela has been very busy since joining us 12 months ago – time flies! A native German speaker, Michaela has been working a lot with Aenova, a German pharma company.
Supporting them in the delivery of a company-wide, multi–site OpEx deployment Michaela is probably spending more time in German airports than is good for her!  However her efforts are being very well received…

Fur mich war der Kurs (von Process Insight) ein voller Erfolg da ich meine Erwartungen und Ziele mit vollster Zufriedenheit erreicht habe. Ausserdem kann ich die Methoden und das Erlernte nicht nur geschäftlich einsetzen, sonder auch anderweitig nutzen.

Fabian G Supply Chain Manager

In addition to consulting and training in Lean Sigma tools, methods and deployment Michaela has particular interest in the “softer” aspects of continuous improvement. She has worked with several clients specifically with their Leadership teams to support more effective executive team-work and to provide “one-on –one” executive coaching .

Orietta Fiorroni joined us in April of this year. Orietta is a native Italian speaker and also has excellent French (further burnishing our pan European credentials!)  She brings with her 20 years of experience leading and supporting transformational change in organisations in the Oil & Gas, Agribusiness, Healthcare, Chemical Manufacturing and Sugar Refining businesses. She is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Siemens trained PACT (Project Acceleration through Coaching and Training) coach and a PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Orietta’s main interest is in leveraging the “people “side of an organization to achieve Operational Excellence. She is an executive coach, has designed and delivered a number of training programmes, and deployed LSS in various organisations. She believes in engaging and involving individuals from all ‘tiers’ in an organisation, simplifying the LSS language so it is accessible to all, and generally bringing Continuous Improvement from what is seen as a ‘function’ to the heart of the business. A particular focus area for Orietta is what she calls “performance management” – a blend of Visual management, Tier Management and Leader Standard Work which engages everyone in OpEx through their daily activities. 

Congratulations To All Our Recently Accredited 'Belts'

At Process Insight we believe very strongly in people development, skills transfer and capability building. Consequently we are particularly delighted to offer our congratulations to those we have recently coached & certified. Certification represents a very important milestone in an individual’s personal development and is a great demonstration of sustained leadership & business impact. If you would like to find out more about becoming accredited then give us a call.

Master Black Belt certification

Kit Erlebach-  FujiDiosynth Biotechnologies

Black Belt certification

Francesco Cavanna  - Bormioli Rocco
Alfonso Sciarrotta – Bormioli Rocco
Miguel Pinafiel – Bormioli Rocco
Andrew Scott – Standard Life

Green Belt certification

Vicky Mendoza – Johnson
MattheyAlison Lake – Johnson Matthey

Should you have any questions or require more information about any of the content in this newsletter please do get in touch with either myself or Andy and we can discuss the simple next steps. Alternatively give us a call on + 44 (0) 7785 927144.
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